Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Nail Art - Andy Warhol Inspired Turkeys

This time last year I was in the middle of a Thanksgiving Nail Art Challenge. If you want ideas for turkey day nails here are the links to the 5 days:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

In the last couple of months, my turkey nails from day 5 have blown up on Pinterest. As of me writing this, it has 2938 repins and 336 likes. I am flabbergasted at those numbers. Thanks to all of Pinterest for your love!


Well, it got me thinking about what I can do for my Turkey Day nails this year. I was bouncing ideas off of my amazing friend Sunny, of 365 Days of Color (shameless plug - you should check out her Elf Christmas collection!), and we thought about Andy Warhol's depiction of Marylin Monroe.


My thought was, my Turkey nails are so Pinterest famous, why not honor them as Warhol honored Marylin? A bit of a stretch, I know, but I love how it turned out... Even if it's not in typical fall colors.

I used acrylic paint for most of the turkey designs. There are two reasons for this:

1- It doesnt smear. There is nothing worse than spending two and a half hours on nail art and having it smear.
2- I needed a ton of colors and at $.69 each at Michaels, acrylic is much more cost effective.

Here is a break down of the supplies used, by finger.

Thumb (first row, middle Marylin):
Base - Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Sheets
Craft Smart Hunter Green
Craft Smart Pool Blue
Craft Smart Yellow
Craft Smart Light Pink

Pointer (third for, left Marylin):
Base - Zoya Robyn
Craft Smart Navy
Craft Smart Flesh
Craft Smart Light Orange
Folk Art Baby Blue

Middle (second row, middle Marylin):
Base - Barielle Smarty Pants Pink
Craft Smart Mustard Yellow
Craft Smart Red
Craft Smart Navy
Stripe Rite Neon Pink (dulled down with some Craft Smart Black)

Ring (second row, right Marylin):
Base - Zoya Jacqueline
Craft Smart Hunter Green
Craft Smart Yellow
Craft Smart Pool Blue
Avon Nail Art Enamel Blue Vibe

Pinky (third row, right Marylin):
Base - Dazzle Dry Chery Parfait
Craft Smart Black
Craft Smart Light Pink
Craft Smart Yellow
Craft Smart Flesh (mixed with a little Craft Smart Light Pink)

I hope your Thanksgiving is full of family and friends. I know mine will be :)