Friday, April 20, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Blue

I was kind of sad to take yesterday's mani off! I really do love green! But, it is a daily challenge after all!! Here we go... Painting Outside the Lines challenge continues!!

I have a lot of blues (almost as many as I have greens...) so it was difficult to select one for today... But I have my two new Zoya's staring at me longingly from the shelf, so I opted to show one some love!

Here I was, on day 2, telling you that I suck at stamping... and look at this butterfly!! It's perfect! This is my very first, successful stamp!!

Anyways, now that I am past that excitement lol... This is Zoya Wednesday... it is truly a gorgeous, creamy blue! The butterfly is from Konad Plate m21. I picked up some Wet n Wild at the $.69 sale at Walgreens and decided to bust out Kaleidoscope for the remaining nails... It's such a pretty glitter, especially for so cheap!!

Go to Painting Outside the Lines Facebook page to see the rest of the entries... so many talented ladies!


  1. I love that color! Gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks!! Wednesday is gorgeous! I'm going to be really sad to take this one off!! Haha ;)