Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whimsical Nail Polish By Pam - Peacock Park

I just had to double post today, because otherwise I wouldnt have had a chance to show you this gorgeous polish until the week after next. That was just unacceptable to me lol. But this one is a quick one, which is a nice change from my post earlier (that you need to read, if you haven't! It's a giveaway too!)

I love All of Pam's creations I own, but this immediately became my favorite. And I'm sure you can see why:

ERMAHGERD!! So pretty! Is your mind blown? It should be lol. This is a teal jelly base packed with micro and medium glitter.The formula was a dream, especially considering how much glitter is packed in here.

Two coats was almost full coverage, but I added a third to make my OCD happy. I put two coats of Butter London's top coat, so it is a bit of a top coat eater; but its really not bad after one coat, I just like it super-duper smooth.

Whimsies cost $10 each... you can find Pam's other gorgeous creations and order info on her Facebook page.

Don't forget I have a giveaway going on... you can enter at the bottom of this post.