Monday, March 19, 2012

Julep Maven Box - March

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the kind welcome into the nail blogging community! I never imagined I would get so many Facebook likes in such a short time! Keep the likes coming, because when I hit 100 likes I'm going to have a small giveaway. Funds are a bit tight right now, so it wont be anything huge, but free polish is always good... right? :)

I hope you had a fun and safe St. Paddy's day. And even more so, I hope one of you painted your own Lucky Leprechauns on your nails!

Now, onto the point of the post!! I signed up to be a Julep Maven, because who can say no to a $.01 deal! The deal is still going on, just go to the Julep Maven site (here) and enter promocode SHAREONMARCH when checking out!

This is what the box looks like when you get it in the mail.

I selected the Bombshell box this month.

It comes nicely wrapped up in pretty lavender tissue paper.

These are the goodies I got!!

For $.01, I got $43 worth of product! How can you go wrong?! I got Natalie, Sofia and the Julep Hand Scrub. I enjoy the hand scrub, it definitely softened my hands up. Is it worth $15 for this little bottle? I guess that depends on your budget! Haha

I swatched Natalie and Sofia for you quickly this evening. We actually got some rain here in the desert, so I had to try to catch the sun in a hurry when it peeked out of the clouds.

Meet Natalie, in the direct sunlight. This is two coats, no top coat.

And her in the shade in natural light. She is a very pretty orange cream. It would need 3 coats to be opaque with no streaks. The formula was a bit watery and tried to flood my cuticles; but once you get use to how much to leave on the brush, it wasn't a big problem. And I loved the color enough to not care! :)

This is Sofia, two coats, no top coat. She is barely visible in the direct sunlight.

You can see her green hue in the shade. She would be best for layering (and I will probably be doing it soon, since she is a perfect Easter color, in my opinion). I really enjoyed her sparkle, I wish you could see it in the pictures! The formula was absolutely lovely to work with... not to thick, not too thin.

Are you a Julep Maven? What are your favorite Julep girls?

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