Thursday, March 29, 2012

NerdLacquer - Holy Grail

First of all, I HAD to buy this NerdLacquer... It wasn't a question. There are a number of reasons, the two main ones being:

1- Just read Amanda's description: HOLY GRAIL is a super-fine-grained satiny linear holo in a dusty blue-green base with silver microglitter, medium blue-green iridescent glitter, and a liberal sprinkling of big square and hexagonal silver holo glitter. Oh, also? GLOWS IN THE DAMN DARK. I dare you to say no to that!!! In fact, I triple-dog-dare you!

2- And don't laugh at me - Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my favorite movie of all-time. It is hilarious. I even saw it in the theaters when they digitally re-released it in a limited number of theaters when I was in high school. I blame my mama, it is all her fault!

Here is the beauty in all her glory!

It just makes me so happy!! You can see the holo pretty well on my ring finger. It is a bit difficult to capture on camera. Trust me, it's a-mazing in person!

This is in the shade... you can really see the glitter in this picture.

Here's a close-up on the bottle. :::::SWOON:::::

If you couldn't already tell, I love this polish. I would marry it if it were allowed (and my husband wouldn't be upset haha). It only took two coats to get this coverage, and the formula was really nice to work with. This is my first indie polish; I can tell you it wont be my last!

Let's see, now I just need Purely Logical, Warrior Ethos, It's Just a Flesh Wound, Nebula... I can't stop. I need to win the lottery!! Lol

I am less than 20 likes away from my first giveaway on my Facebook page. When I hit 100 I'm going to be giving away a Cinderella, along with two other polishes! I know you want a Cinderella, don't deny it   ;p

Do you own any NerdLacquer polishes?


  1. I love it Kelly! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anytime!! You should definitely pick it up when she opens again!!

  2. So pretty! I want to buy all the Monty Python named ones just because of the names. Love the Holy Grail and all of their movies/Flying Circus!

    Also, I tagged you in the Versatile Blogger award on my site!

    1. Best. Movie. Ever... I'm also lemming all of the Monty Python ones... and the Star Trek ones... Both of those loves are 100% my mom's fault haha

  3. This color is pretty! love it.

    1. I usually don't spend this much for a polish... But I just couldn't resist ;)