Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black & White Contest Entry

So, instead of letting my nails rest, I decided to enter a nail art contest! Ahahahahahahaha... Great, now I'm addicted! just reached 1500 Facebook followers, so in honor of it she decided to have a contest. You have to use both black and white, and only black and white. (You have until 6/1 to enter the contest! Go have some fun!).

I have seen those black and white manis where every finger is a completely different design, so I thought I would have some fun with it!

OK, so I wanted to give the water marble swirl another shot. I think this is my best one yet!! (I will do a tutorial when I figure out the video stuff. However, there is a tutorial for a swirl on Youtube already, if you are impatient lol).

Pointer: Paint drips (hadn't done it yet. It's fun!)
Middle: Konad plate m63 with a black frame (the frame is also something I hadn't done!)
Ring: I saw this little guy on pinterest today, had to re-create him! SO cute! (Pin tutorial here)
Pinky: Polka Dot

I had a blast with this. You should go check out the other entrants. She just announced it a few hours ago and there are already 3 other crazy people like me! :p

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