Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tutorial - Galaxy Nails

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OK, so the most requested tutorial out of all of my 31 days of nail art was easily the Galaxy Nails. I'm not sure that mine are really, true galaxy nails... I would consider them to be more like Nebula's, as that's where I drew my inspiration (thanks Mom for all the Star Trek growing up lol).

These are really quite easy to recreate, the hard part is deciding on colors. I liked to have a different color on each nails, so it took a lot of polish...

You will need make-up wedges (I cut them in half so I don't have to waste as many of them), a very small dotting tool (or toothpick) and a piece of foil or a plastic plate. I used lots and lots of polishes lol. I will list every color under the final product down below.

Before I start, I collect all of my supplies... Nothing is worse than having to fish something out with wet nails. If you are not sure which color you are going to want, grab them all (the first time I did this mani, I had like 20 polishes out, it was ridiculous haha). Start off with your base coat and your favorite black (Mine is Nina Ultra Pro).

Next, take your white (I used Sally Hansen White On) and drop a nice amount on your foil. Use your make-up wedge (I stick to the corner for smaller coverage and more control) and sponge the shape of your galaxies. I did a different placement on every nail, because no two galaxies are the same.

Using the same dollop of white, take your dotting tool and randomly place your stars. I like to do this before I add the color, because the then color overlaps the "stars" and gives it more of a realistic look.

(This is my ring finger galaxy) Take the 2 to 3 colors you are going to use and drop a small amount of each on the foil. Start with the lightest color (In this case, Sinful Colors Gorgeous) and sponge it over the white. You want to make you completely cover the white. Going over the white onto the black is what you want.

Take your darker color (Orly Haleys Comet) and sponge it in the middle. Be careful not to cover all of your lighter color.

When you are done sponging, this is what it looks like. After this, I top it with a clear glitter (Nina Untra Pro Opal Elegance) to add an extra shimmer and act as smaller, shiny stars. Top coat, and clean up your cuticles...

Ta-da!!! Below is a close-up of every finger, with the list of colors used :)

Thumb: FingerPaints Lemon Sour, China Glaze Japanese Koi and China Glaze Riveting

Pointer: FingerPaints Blue Raspberry Tart, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Barielle Blackened Bleu (for the shimmer!)

Middle: Sinful Colors Binkini, Unnamed Color Club (it's a deep, shimmery purple)

Ring: Sinful Colors Gorgeous, Orly Haleys Comet

Pinky: Anise Grape Escape and OPI Purple With a Purpose

If you decide you want to attempt my Nebula Galaxy Nails, please stop by my Facebook wall and share a picture of your creation! I would love to see it!! :D

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