Wednesday, August 29, 2012

365 Days of Color - Peace Love Purple

I know, I totally suck... Man has it been a long time since I consistantly posted!! I've had a rough go of it the last month, but Im getting back into the swing of things!!

Today I have something VERY special to show you... This is a pretty that you wont see anywhere else. That's right, the wonderful and super-talented Sunny over at 365 Days of Color made this just for me!! And I have an extra bottle... FOR YOU! When I hit 1500 likes on my Facebook page, this baby will be given to one of you lucky ladies!!

AHHH! So pretty! Its a purple base with a bit of a jelly feel so you dont lose the glitter from the first layer! There is black, blue, pink and white hexagon glitter and a lovely, subtle pink shimmer (that was almost impossible to capture... you can see a little bit of it on my pointer and ring fingers).

It was almost a one coat wonder!! In fact, if you arent anal and CDO (that's OCD in the correct order lol), like me, one coat will probably be just fine for you!

Remember, the only way to get one of these is to win it... and the only way to win it is to help me get to 1500 likes on Facebook... I have less than 100 to go!