Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Headbanger

Sally Hansen was wonderful enough to send me some goodies to test out for you... this is the first part of my review! They sent me a number of nail wraps, but of course I was drawn to the shiny one.

This was my first time using nail wraps. They dont work so well with my nails because my pointer, middle and ring finger are all pretty much the same width. Im sure most of you aren't freaks of nature and dont have this problem, so Im not going to hold that against them! LOL... I trimmed them down to make them work for me.

I wore these for 6 days. I didnt get a pic of them "fresh," because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut-off. But, I didnt think it was totally necessary (you can imagine what they looked like haha). This is right before I took them off... 6 days of HARD wear. I was not nice to them. In fact, I was so hard on my nails in the 6 days I was wearing these, I chipped two of them (and had to file all my nails down... so sad).

I did not file smooth the chips. I wanted you to see how the wraps chipped with my nail.

I have been testing some nail growth products for you... and I think they are working because my nails grew a whole lot in the 6 days I had these on! Also, I feel I must apologize for the darkness of these pictures... The white packaging threw of my camera's brightness settings.

I am confident that these would've gone another day or two before needing removal if I had not chipped my pointer and middle finger. Looking at the ring and pinky finger they still look nice! But, as you can see the chipped nail took a toll on the wraps.

I love the color and design of these wraps. They are fun and spunky. The instructions were easy to follow and they provided everything needed to apply them.

I think that these are great if you have a special occasion and you want some fun nail art on your fingers, but dont have the time to do it by hand... or if you dont have the confidence or tools to do it yourself (because I am a strong believer that anyone can do nail art with the right tools... it's a lot easier than it looks!)

You also can't beat the zero dry time! Although the applying took just as long, if not a bit longer, than it does for me to paint my nails. That could just be because I am OCD though ;)

You can buy these pretty much anywhere... Target, Ulta, online... they retail for $9.99, although they are on sale at Ulta right now for $7.99. You get everything you need for one mani that could last you up to 10 days (if you are nicer on it than I was! haha).

**This item was sent to me for review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and are an accurate representation of my experience with the product.**


  1. I have wanted to try these things, but can't muster up the courage to spend $8.99 (at WalMart in Canada) on a one-time thing when I can buy a bottle of good-quality polish for the same and get more than one manicure out of them. Those look great though, and it's good to know that they can be "put through the wringer" and still come out in pretty awesome shape :D

  2. My nails are the same way, 2 of them are 1.1cm and the 3rd is 1.0, with only the pinky and the thumb being different enough to matter. makes falsies and wraps really difficult :(

  3. these look really pretty, I can't wait to try out this product. 6 days would be awesome for me. Polishes typically last me 2 days :b
    I think my 3 fingers are all pretty close in size, also.