Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Day 1 - Red and Green

I cannot believe it is almost December. It's a good thing I just have finishing touches left on my Christmas gifts! Yipee!!

Be sure to check out the other bloggers who are participating! And play along by posting your creation on my page, I will share it!

I have to say, it is kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is 80+ degrees outside. We have been too warm for too long here in the desert. It would be nice to get a pleasant, rainy day for once!!

Today is red and green, so I grabbed Barielle Lily of the Valley for my base. I havent showed you this one yet, so here's a swatch of if all by itself:

I taped at an angle, and painted Zoya Rehka.

Then, I covered the edge by free-handing some Zoya Ray (a pretty dark green) in the center. This wouldnt been prettier if I had taken the time to let it dry then tape the center for Ray; but we all know how I feel about taped manis. I already taped once for this one, there is no way I would have the patience to do it AGAIN. lol.

This is super simple, but also really elegant. And it's something anyone can do!


  1. I love using tape!!! But you're right about letting it dry. Sometimes I cheat and put a coat of seche over my first color so it dries faster!!

  2. oh, I thought about getting that Barielle the other day with their special. Very pretty Christmas color. Very pretty manicure!

    just thinking, you could have freehanded Rehka, then taped off to do Ray and it would have been a little neater but of course that would require more taping ;)

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