Friday, November 2, 2012

I Love Jason Aldean!!! Nail Art

Hey everyone!! I have a geeky, fan-girl mani to share with you today.

I love all types a music, I grew up with a very eclectic collection of music in my house. But, my all time favorite is country music.

I am a redneck, tomboy that grew up wheeling in the desert with my step brothers and all of their friends... and I'm proud of it!! I don't own a car, I own trucks. My baby is a 1997 Chevrolet Cheyenne 4x4 truck with a lift, big tires and exhaust to let you know I'm coming. My only "girly" tenancies are my nails (obviously) and earrings. Otherwise, I am a tshirt and jeans kind of gal that owns more cowgirl boots than high heels.

My favorite artist is Jason Aldean. I have loved him since the moment I first heard Hicktown all those years ago. And with every CD he just gets better and better. He just released his newest CD last month called Night Train, and I wanted to pay tribute to it since I have had it on repeat for 3 weeks straight (Im a sick puppy, I know).

First I'll show you my right hand. It is a direct tribute to his new CD, my left hand is just a tribute to Jason and all the things he loves.

Nail Art, Night Train

The lyrics to the title track on Night Train are:

'Bout a mile down old mill road, that spot nobody knows. 
Park the truck and we take off running, hurry up girl I hear it coming. 
Got a moon and a billion stars, sound of steel and old box cars. 
The thought of you is driving me insane, come on baby let's go listen to the night train.

What better to represent a billion stars than Zoya Storm? Storm is the base in the mani and Zoya Freja is the train. I used my white, black and silver Stripe Rite polishes for the detail work. I'm pretty proud of the writing on my thumb, considering I did it with my left hand!! (PS - I am incapable of taking pics of my right hand. It is so hard! Haha)

My left hand is a bit more specific. If you are a JA fan, you wont need explanation (and I know all my Aldean Army friends are reading this right now! lol!)

Jason is a Georgia boy, and a HUGE UGA (University of Georgia Athens) Bulldogs fan. He has red ear pieces to go along with this guitar strap...  and a pet Bulldog named Athens.

He is also a hunter, and on the show Buck Commander that airs on the Outdoor Channel. This guitar strap has the Buck Commander logo. And, because I cant let you go without a little redneck eye-candy... here's my boy all painted up for the hunt!

Now, as I wipe the drool away... The last thing you need to know is that he uses a black jack hand of cards as his logo. It's fitting with his initials! (You can see it on the guitar two pics up as well!)

You know I have to represent the spades!! So without further explanation, here is my left hand!

I am pretty proud of the Buck Commander logo! It's not perfect, but I'm no artist so its not bad for me! Haha I used Zoya Rekha as the base on my thumb, and Storm for the fingers. The detail work was accomplished with my white, black and silver Stripe Rite polishes and my Bright Orange LA Art Deco polish.

I was really sad that Jason got snubbed for awards last night at the CMA's, but he will always be Entertainer of the Year in my eyes (and I was just glad Taylor Swift didn't win. I'm sorry, but she is not country. Put her in the pop category where she belongs!)

One last pic, just because I can... and I love this one!

I should end every post like that.... sigh....

Who's your favorite artist?


  1. Haha!! I love it!! Great nails!! :D And.. hmm.. my favorite Artist.. Does Glee Count? Cause if they do.. it's them! :D

  2. Great post, Kelly! My favorite artist is an R&B singer named Monica. Loved her since I was 12!! :-)

  3. JA is my fave too!!! I just saw him and Luke Bryan live together last weekend. Absolutely amazing! Love the nails! They look great

  4. I just found your blog and I love this post :) I'm also a country music loving girl and have blogged manis from recent concerts too. Yay! Some of my favorites are Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, Chris Young, Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum!

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