Friday, April 5, 2013

Red Glitter Gradient Nail Art

My mama owns a small sports bar in the mountain mining town of Globe, Arizona. Back on February 23rd, there was a huge party at The Huddle. This was the 5th annual Globestock (as it was rightly dubbed the first year). This party actually started out as a family reunion. Now you know something about my family lmao!!

At the 4th annual Globestock, I did beer nails. This was a couple of weeks before I started my blog, but I did take a bad cell phone pic (and you can see it here). This year I had to think of something different. I didn't think I could top the beer nails, so I decided not to try. Instead, I figured I would do something to compliment this years shirts (the woman's shirts were red with black writing/images).

I followed the instructions I found on Pinterest on this pin. This was a messy project. There was red glitter EVERYWHERE lol. I used my Nina Ultra Pro Black and then a extra fine red craft glitter (it's the Michael's brand). I was really happy with is... and best of all, I barely had a hangover the next day! lol!

Bonus! Every year my mom chooses a theme for Globestock (last year it was wall street "stock" market). This year's theme was stock-aides. You know, those things in the mid-evil times they locked people in for stealing and whatnot? The shirts even featured it (you can see a pic of the mens shirts here). Even better, my step dad and a couple of his buddies BUILT a more comfortable version of a stock-aid for photo ops (faux-fur and all). As you can imagine, the further into the night, the funnier the photo op. I give you, my cousin Myles being abused by his girlfriend Grace lmao!

Good times.


  1. I like this a lot and are showing a very similar manicure on my blog today :)

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