Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Different Shades of Blue Autism Awareness Challenge - Rainbows

My hubby has friends that came into town from Canada for the next week. So I'm going to be keeping things short and sweet!

I feel like I've done rainbows so many times that I can't think of a new, original design (here, here, here and even here are my previous rainbows.) So I decided to do only a rainbow of blues.

Zoya, Barielle, FingerPaints

Zoya, Barielle, FingerPaints

I feel like it could be in the paint aisle at home depot lmao!! I used Zoya Blu, FingerPaints Blue Raspberry Taffy, Zoya Robyn and Barielle Surf's Up. Because I hate tape and decided to free-hand them, I separated them with my silver Stripe Rite.

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