Friday, July 13, 2012

365 Days of Color - Toxic Love Collection

I am honored to be able to bring you swatches of the full collection of 365 Days of Color's Toxic Love Collection. I almost had a heart attack when Sunny told me she was sending me all four!!

If you haven't heard about this collection, it is all neon jellies that have glitter in them!! Yea, you read that right... neons with glitter!!

There are A LOT of pics below... so please forgive me! But I really wanted to try to capture how awesome these are, and neons never make that easy... Cameras hate neons! To really make them bright, I did layer most of these over white. Most of you know, nothing makes a neon pop like a nice layer of white undies ;)

I had the hardest time deciding what order to show these to you in... and I had an even harder time picking a favorite!! But let's start with the most in-your-face, shall we? (PS - please don't mind my cuticles.. I have been struggling with our recent weather to keep them happy! lol)

Deadly Attraction 

A gorgeous jelly neon, packed full of black shard glitter...

This is three coats layered over a single coat of white. That may seem like a lot of coats, but none of these were over-thick, and it dried nice and quickly.... It's a jelly, so more coats is to be expected!! It was also very smooth with one coat of Essie Good-To-Go... I love it when glitters aren't top-coat-eaters!

Killer Kiss

A peachy/coral neon with white bar, hexagon and shard glitters...

My Killer Kiss was a little light on the glitter... I let Sunny know, and she is making sure her minis get the glitter they deserve since the little brush doesn't want to grab them! Although, I would recommend you buy full sized in all of these, and picking up the glitter is not as much of an issue in the full sized!

This is 3 coats (I dinged my ring finger... don't mind the divet... I was mad haha) over a single layer of white. I couldnt capture the brightness of this one quite as well as Deadly Attraction... trust me, it's brighter than this! This one also dried quickly and was smooth with one layer of top coat.

Dangerously Beautiful

A neon hot pink, with black and blue matte hexagon glitters...

I had the same issue with this one as I did with Killer Kiss... Just not enough glitter getting picked up... no worries though, Sunny is already on it! :)

This is also 3 coats layered over a single coat of white. This one is a bit more hot pink and in your face than I could manage  to capture! But it's pretty close to true color. Once again, dried nicely and was super smooth with one layer of top coat!

Chemical Romance
A purple neon, with black shards and bar glitter, and a holographic hexagon glitter...

This is the only one I didn't layer over white... It stands nicely on it's own! This is three coats. Again, nice dry time and smooth as a baby's bottom after a layer of top coat. If someone held a gun to my head and MADE me choose a favorite... this one would be it! But not by much, because I love them ALL!

Overall, the formula was consistent with all four of these polishes... smooth and easy to work with... Not watery and not thick and gloopy. The glitter doesn't cause much of a headache, it was easy to work with as far as glitters go; and it smooths out nicely!

I love this whole collection!! I love them so much, I plan on snagging all four of them in full-sized because I get a small panic attack thinking about running out of them! Hahaha

You can follow 365 Days of Color on Facebook here and on her blog here.

These beauties are going to be available for purchase on SUNDAY (July 15th)! So don't miss out. You can find her shop here. The minis go for $4.50 and the full-sized go for $8... Although I highly recommend the full sized!!! :D

**These products were provided for my review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions stated are a true representation of my experience with the products.**


  1. All of these are beautiful! I'm so jealous xx

  2. Love Deadly attraction! Also, I can't help but think of My Chemical Romance, anyone remember them? Although, If they were to have a polish it would probably be black and red lol

  3. Such an amazing review Kel <3 I love it you make them all look FAB

  4. Great swatches! I especially like Killer Kiss!