Friday, July 20, 2012

Zoya 2012 Fall Collection: Part 3, Diva

Happy Friday! Boy am I ready for the weekend! I get to hang out with my favorite little nephew, Palmer, tonight!! I can't wait, I love that little man!

Today I have the third and final post on the Zoya 2012 Fall Collection. Today we have my favorite part, Diva!

All of these swatches are two coats, with no top coat. They all applied like a dream and have a super, high gloss finish.

Elisa... Bright, shining medium crimson red with subtle gold shimmer and a glowing metallic finish. The smooth, glowy metallic finish gives this bright red an extra kick.

It is a dreamy, bright wonderful red. This is my new favorite red in my collection! The subtle gold shimmer is wonderful, but proved to be difficult to capture on camera.

Suri... A medium blue-toned purple with delicate red and blue shimmer and a smooth metallic finish. For a perfect royal purple nail with interesting red and blue sparkle detail.

I love, love, love this polish! Again, hard to capture, but the blue and red micro shimmer is subtle, but amazing. You can see little glints of it in the outskirts of the shimmer in the pictures above (click on them to enlarge).

Song... A bold, vibrant medium primary blue with silver and blue glittery metallic sparkle. A very vibrant blue with a glittery finish that's smoother than traditional chunky glitter.

This cobalt blue is in-your-face-amazing! I love blue polish, so I was already a shoe-in for liking this beauty. If you are a blue polish lover like me, you should plan on adding this to your collection :D

Ray... A dark blackened pine green with smooth, delicate silver and green frost shimmer. A dark, smoky nail color balanced by a bit of shimmer for a softer effect.

I have to say, this polish is stunning. Pictures can do it no justice - in fact, they did them dis-justice because the streaks are much more noticable in them than they were in person. It is a smoky, silver shimmer... I have nothing like this in my collection.

FeiFei... A medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle. A truly unique sparkling iridescent blue that adds a magical look to the nails.

If you love sparkle, you need this polish AND the next one. The silver is a wonderful accent to the blue. This one is a bit thin; the shimmer makes it hard to see, but there is a subtle visible nail line.

Daul... A medium red-toned purple base with heavy purple and gold iridescent metallic sparkle. The shiny gold sparkle makes this shimmering purple polish extra bright and lively.

I am usually not a gold person, but it goes so well with the purple and I really like it! For some reason it makes me think of Aladdin (yup, I was a 90's kid lol). This one is also a three coat if you are going to wear it... just like FeiFei, there is a faint nail line visible. That doesn't not deter me!

So, to sum it up... I love the entire line of Divas! If I had to pick a top three, it would be Suri, Ray and Song.

These are available for purchase now for $8 each. If you do not have an account with them, here is my referral link. If you use this link, you will get a coupon for a free polish. If you purchase 2 more polishes you get free shipping!! So you can get 3 polishes delivered to you for only $16!!

If you missed part 1 and 2, check it out here or here. It was the Gloss and Designer parts of this collection!

**These products were provided for my review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions stated are a true representation of my experience with the products.**

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