Friday, July 6, 2012

Dollish Polish - Bad Case of Blue Balls

Happy Friday!!!

I can't even say enough how fun this polish is! It is so sparkly! I took so many pictures of it... Like a ridiculous amount... and I just couldn't seem to do it justice!! Here are my attempts (I took some in the morning sun and some in the afternoon!!)

These were taken in the morning. You really see the depth of the shimmer in these pics. The formula was easy to work with, but it was a bit sheer. This took 3 coats.

In the super sun of the afternoon, you get a feel for the real color. It's a bright, cheery, in your face blue... and I LOVE it!! So, so pretty!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Don't forget to enter the Christmas in July Fan Appreciation Giveaway. Here is the link to my original post :)


  1. Gorgeous!! Blueballs is my favorite of the whole collection! I'm so glad you are loving it!
    ~ Dolly

  2. I love this color...I just love the name, that makes it even better. Just think about the comments I will get when I tell folks that I am wear Blueballs on my nails...too funny...