Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Nail Art Challenge Day 3 - Eggs

Happy Easter!!!!!

Today is Easter Eggs. Last year I did the egg designs on my nails (Im not going to link, because Im not proud of them lol!), so this year I tried something different.

Easter Egg, Nail Art, Zoya, Barielle, Avon, Stripe Rite, Orly, Blu, Blue

Easter Egg, Nail Art, Zoya, Barielle, Avon, Stripe Rite, Orly, Blu, Blue

I used Zoya Blu as my base again. It's the perfect, subtle blue. The bright blue is Zoya Robin, and the purple egg is Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean. I put pink polka dots on the purple egg with Avon Nail Art Enamel in cupid and the yellow on the blue egg is Stripe Rite Yellow. The flower center is also the Stripe Rite Yellow, accented with my Orly Yellow Submarine. For the grass, I started with Avon Nail Art Enamel in Styled Green and then overlayed it with LA Nail Art Deco Mint Green.

Be sure to check out the rest of the participants creations!

I've got to go get ready and make green bean casserole for the family pot luck this afternoon. It's going to be 90 degrees out today, so I bought a maxi dress to wear... and am going to do a hairbow (thanks Pinterest! lol!)


  1. LOL I'm not proud of last year's eggs either. I remember it was right after I made my blog. I linked to them though! I think it's fun to see how far we've come :)

    And I love the simplicity of your design! Instead of just big eggs, yours is like an egg hunt. So detailed for those tiny eggs!

  2. Nail paint is one of the most creative thing, just like in this post the nail paint is actually representing a scenery when it is applied on the four nails and aligned in a way. Wow!

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