Thursday, October 11, 2012

365 Days of Color Boouk!

Let me just premise this post by letting you know my feelings for neutral polishes. I hate them. If Im going to have my nails neutral, why bother painting them? Well, I am eating those words today...

RIGHT? Holy amazing!! This is two coats of Boouk! over one thin coat of Ulta Set The Nude. Honestly, I these pictures really do not do it justice, at all!

It went on like a dream, the formula was easy to work with... and the copper hexagon, small gold square and copper micro-glitter went on with ease. I had no issues making it cover the whole nail evenly.

I LOVE the copper glitter. Being from the copper state (Arizona) I have a soft spot for copper :)

I guess I have to be fair to all neutrals now that I have found one I actually like. Of course, I also love Hocus Pocus and Halloween, so maybe this will be a fluke! Lol

I have a ridiculous amount of 365doc polishes... Ive barely shown you any! I love them so much!! What is your fav 365doc pretty?


  1. Love it!!! I have to say my favorite would probably be Eiffel Tower! Or my little Cuppycake! :D

    Looks like I need this one now! :D

  2. Boouk! is beautiful. Awesome swatches, girl!

  3. Boouk just keeps calling me. great swatches.

  4. Sooooo gorgeous and it looks amazing on you!

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