Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Spooky Nights Day 7 - Graveyards

Aww! Tomorrow is Halloween! Where has this year gone??

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Here is Arizona, we are known for our gorgeous sunsets. So much so, that the top half of our flag is supposed to represent one! Im still not sure if being proud of our beautiful sunsets that are so beautiful thanks to pollution is really a good idea; but, they are pretty, none-the-less!

That being said, I decided to do a sponge gradient to recreate my favorite variation of our sunsets. The best sunsets have pink and purple in them, and Im actually super duper proud of how it turned out!

I started off with Zoya Kimber, and then sponged the bottom third of my nail with Avon Sunshine. Then I sponged Deborah Lippman Footloose over the yellow, and then highlighted a bit of yellow back over top the the orange. It seems involved, but man did it turn out nice! I sponged Zoya Suri on the top third... Then to finish it off I sponged some kimber over top of the Suri to give it the gold shimmer and delude the extreme of the purple a bit. This is by far my most impressive sponge gradient! Love it!

I used my black Stripe Right to free hand he black tips and create the silhouette of the graveyard. I waited like, 2 hours, to top coat. I was so worried! It did smudge a bit on my middle finger, but that isnt so bad!

Now, what to do for black and orange? hmmmm.....


  1. These are gorgeous - love the Gradient!

  2. This is just gorgeous. I love the color combination.

  3. HOLY MOLY this is awesome! Your sunset gradient looks awesome and the graveyard looks so eerie! Well done!!

  4. WOW that gradient is gorgeous!! And the graveyard is just the perfect inspiration for Halloween :]

  5. These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love that gradient and the silhouette is perfect!

  6. That gradient is gorgeous! And your lines are all so nice and neat. Love!

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