Friday, October 12, 2012

LynBDesigns Review

I have a very special post for you today. LynBDesigns was kind enough to send me a couple of their Halloween polishes to show to you all!

First I would like to discuss her bottles...

How freaking adorbs are these?? I love the brush handle, it fits wonderfully in your hands. The brush is a little wide, so if you have small nails you may struggle a bit (but its not as bad as some OPI brushes)

First up is Burning Leaves. This took 3 coats for full coverage of glitter awesomeness. I didn't have any problems with the formula. It was smooth and wasnt too thick of too watery.

There are so many kins of glitter, I cant even tell you all of them! Big black hexes are sprinkled in, medium gold squares plus all sorts of fall colors in micro-glitter. One coat of Essie Good To Go smoothed it out, so the glitterbomb isn't a top coat eater.

This is Poisoned Soup and I LOVE this one. It's just awesome. There is a lovely gold shimmer that I could capture on camera. This is two coats for full coverage. Once again, I had no issues with the formula.

It's a lovely yellow, shimmery base packed with gold and green micro-glitter. I'm actually sad I didn't have time to wear this one a little longer. I love the green glitters sprinkled in!

You can purchase these polishes from her Etsy shop here. She has a TON of choices, they cost $8.50 each. You should also follow her on Facebook here!

**These items were sent to me for review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and are an accurate representation of my experience with the products.**


  1. LOVE the bottle, and burning leaves is now on my wishlist! :)

  2. so cute!! I really like Burning leaves!!

  3. Awesome bottles!!!! Love the colors!

  4. Love the bottles! Super cute polishes!! :D

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