Wednesday, June 13, 2012

365 Days of Color - Funfetti

If you haven't ventured over to 365 Days of Color, you are missing out. Not only are her nail polishes AMAZING, but Sanaz is just an all-around wonderful lady!!

Today I have Funfetti for your viewing pleasure. I even took a picture with a funfetti cupcake (yum!) for some good food porn!!!

AMAZING!! It is a milky white base (love) with glitter of all shapes and colors!! I love, love, love this polish... and all her other polishes. If you don't own any, you need to go check them out!! The application was a breeze and it only took 2 coats. It even smoothed out nicely with only one coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat!

One more, just in case you aren't craving a cupcake enough already ;)

You can buy this beauty at 365 Days of Color's shop here. You can also follow her blog here and like her on Facebook here.

Do you own any of Sanaz's creations?? Are you hungry now?? :p