Friday, June 22, 2012

365 Days of Color - Make Me Laugh-y Taffy

I love the nail blogging community. If you are contemplating starting a nail blog, do it... this community is amazing, and supportive and just all around fantastic!!

My husband is currently out of work. Our budget is very tight, so I am on an extremely stringent polish diet. It's killing me... there are so many amazing indies being released, and there is no way for me to buy them with a coupon (which is pretty much the only way I have been getting new polishes lol)... so I am stuck... not getting any amazing new polishes. Sigh...

Now, off of my sob story, and on to the amazing kindness. Nichole from Adventures Of The Nail Friends took pity on me and my tight polish diet. For no reason, other than to be the sweetest woman in the whole world, she bought me two of 365 Days of Color's amazing Candy Shoppe polishes: Make Me Laugh-y Taffy and Mint Chip. A-MAZING!

If you are not already following her on Facebook (here) and following her blog (here), you should be. She kicks ass, and I highly suggest showing her some love ;)

I have a sick love for shredded glitter... Sanaz from 365 Days of Color is after my heart with the multicolored shredded in this amazing polish!!

The base if a light pink jelly/cream hybrid (jelly in one coat, more cream in two). I love it because even with two coats, like I am wearing, you can still see the first layer's glitter, but you cant see my nail line at all like most jellys! It's the best of both worlds!

The formula was amazing, the glitter was easy to work with and one coat of top coat smoothed the glitter right out!! I have no complaints about this polish... only love!!

How do you feel about shredded glitter?? Love it, hate it or indifferent?? ;)


  1. How sweet! That really sucks about not being able to get indies, but I understand. They're definitely not the cheapest.

    I have Make Me Laughy-Taffy and I just love it! I also recent got her Birthday Bash and love that too. So obviously, I love shredded glitter!

    If you want a similar indie look without the price, go check out Icing! I really love Icing's polishes, and they're always buy one get one 50% off (normally like $4 each). I just got 'Shredded', which is the black shredded glitter just like some indie makers have made! I also have Pre-Game and After Party, which is multi colored shreddeds- dead on dupes of Cult Nails Happy Ending and 365's Rock Candy. And then they have a lot of glitter bombs to choose from! Awhile back they had Tigers Blood, which is identical to CN's Clairvoyant... so you know they have that line of thinking ;)

    1. I've heard that Clarie's and Icing have some amazing polishes... but I never go to the mall (like, ever lol) so I havent stopped to look!! I will definitely go check it out! Thanks for the tips Diane :D

  2. Oh yeah, definitely go look! Claire's always has the DL Candy Shop dupe called... Candy Shoppe lol. But seriously, they're both a great place to find (cheap and always on sale) glittery fun things! Icing is better imo, but they're both worth checking out.

    I got off a little easy... Claire's is at the mall so I rarely go, but The Icing is at our big, fancy outdoor shopping place that only opened a few years ago, so I frequent there a lot.

  3. And once again, I can't remember which thing I'm posting under...