Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial - Lochness Monster Mani

**Today is a very picture heavy post**

Day 29 of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge I participated in last month was a big hit with a lot of you... I must admit, this little guy was one of my favorites too! It's been nice to get to wear it for a couple of days and really enjoy it!! If you need a reminder of what my original Nessy looked like, you can find it here :)

Compared to my other nail art tutorials, there really isn't a lot needed for this one:

(sorry, I know this picture is really dark... it was the wrong time of day for this, and I was too lazy to redo it! lol)

L to R
Haze Glaze Mystique (or any deep blue jelly polish for the water)
Sally Hansen White On
Nina Pro Black
China Glaze For Audrey
Sinful Colors HD Nails
China Glaze It's Alice
The New Black Runway Collection Yellow

You will also need a brush (I prefer the short stubby one above for easier control during this mani) and three different sized dotters (The largest and smallest on the left, and a medium like the two on the right). You will also need a piece of foil.

Other optional supplies:

Fresh, sun-brewed Iced Tea (yum!)... to cool me down on our 112 degree day! (I hate summer)

And a furry friend for moral support (Meet my handsome little mama's boy, Chinook)!

Now we're ready to go!!

Start of with your base... a pretty blue for the sky. I used my favorite for skies, China Glaze For Audrey.

Place a nice, big pool of your lighter green shade (I used Sinful Colors HD Nails) on your foil (or plastic plate or whatever you prefer to use), and use your largest dotting tool to put a generous dot near the middle/top of your pointer finger.

Use your medium dotting tool to shape the dot into a rounded triangle.

Use your brush to smooth out the head and draw his neck.

On your middle, ring and pinky finger, create the arches of his body coming out of the water behind him. Start off in the middle of your nail and work out; repeating that technique on the other side of the nail.

This will take two coats depending on the polish you use. It doesn't need to be perfectly smooth, your top coat will take care of any inconsistencies.

Complete this with both of your hands.

With the darker green (I chose China Glaze It's Alive because I love the chunky glitter. It gives it the feeling of scales, in my opinion), use your brush again and accent the top of the monster.

With your medium dotting tool, and some white polish (Sally Hansen White On), give you little Nessy's eyes.

Use the smallest dotting tool you can find (even a toothpick) and finish off his eye with a small black dot, centered as best you can.

Chinook is on the edge of his seat with excitement... as you can see lol.

Using a thin brush or striping polish, give your little guy a mouth. It went a little lower than I would've liked... but I'm not going to dwell on it!

Now, onto the thumb... When I did this for the challenge, I didn't have a whole lot of time; so, all I did was fill the nail with little white clouds. Today, I decided to continue the scene!

Using the large dotting tool, fill the upper corner with yellow.

Finish off the sun with rays, use the thin brush or striper that you did for the mouth and make little birdies. And then I finished it off with a cloud (if the birds are too intimidating, just add another cloud or two!)

Finish off your other nails with clouds. I used the medium dotting tool to create them. Then, grab your dark blue jelly polish (Haze Glaze Mystique with the large glitters settled to the bottom) and brush a thin line along the bottom of all of your nails. It doesn't need to be perfect. Remember, it's water and there is something swimming around in it lol. Top coat it, clean it up, and enjoy!

Love him!!!!

Are you going to try this mani out?? If you do, please be sure to stop by and share a picture on my Facebook Wall!!


  1. So cute!! I approve of the addition of tea, but the real question is... is it sweet? If you're not from the lower eastern corner of the country the answer is probably no, but that would be better! Actually, FRUIT tea would be better... oh yum, now I want to make fruit tea...

    1. No sweet or flavored tea for me! I didn't grow up in a family of sweet tea lol... Plain, no sugar, no lemon black iced tea is my favorite (although most my family does so lemon, just not me)! I will do iced green tea from time to time too... also unsweetened!

      My hubby was a sweet tea person when we met... I fixed that! Hahaha! Now he drinks it plain, and probably drinks it more than I do (which is saying something). In the summer I make a fresh gallon every day... In the winter I use my ice tea maker a couple times a week! I don't drink soda very often, so tea is my vise :p

  2. I LOVE this tutorial, thank you!! And Chinook is beautiful - I have a blue eyed, black & white Sib myself!

    1. Siberian Huskies are amazing! He is a goof and I love him to death! Im glad you like the tutorial! If you create your own Nessie, be sure to check back and show me!! :D