Friday, June 15, 2012

China Glaze - Riveting

I only have a few oranges in my collection... not because I don't enjoy them, but more because I don't feel there are a lot of variations on orange. There are 500 variations of blue, and I must own them all!! But, not orange haha...

Of the oranges in my collection, this is by far my favorite. It stands all on it's own and there is nothing to compare...

China Glaze's Riveting is a bright and "in your face" orange that sparkles and shines like crazy. I can't wear this polish without getting massive amounts of compliments! Just amazing... And if that wasn't enough, the formula is like a dream. Two coats and you are good to go!

Do you own Riveting?? How many oranges do you own??


  1. I'm not big on orange either...but after seeing this post I have to pick this one up!

  2. That's gorgeous! I have 3-4 oranges :P I'm not a huge fan but I love the ones I have. Although I *need* to buy Zoya paz ;)

  3. I'm the total opposite, I have so many oranges and can never get enough variations! Blue I'm not so fussed on though and only have a few. I so want riveting :)