Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review - Premier Beautifying Nail Kit

I was lucky enough to be sent a goody from Premier by Dead Sea Premier to test out for you guys. I have been using this Beautifying Nail Kit for the last month and I LOVE it! 

Premier Hand and nail care products are designed as an invigorating beauty treatment for your nails, to prevent roughness and cracking, while nourishing and protecting your hands and nails.

The Premier Beautifying Nail Kit comes with 4 items:

Product information:
        - Buffing Block: a new high-tech design buffer which grants a beautiful gleam to your nails and stimulates the blood circulation underneath your nails, which encourages healthy growth
        - Hand and Body Cream: a light lotion that leaves you skin irresistibly soft and supple. It's luxurious formula is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural plant extracts to soften and smooth your skin. When combined with the cuticle oil it improves the flexibility of your nails and helps to reduce flaking and breakage.
        - Nail File: To smooth away rough nails edges and shape your nail faster and easier than ever before.
        - Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil: A specialty formulated product that softens and conditions cuticles, giving you a well groomed contour to your nails. It softens the skin and gently loosens the cuticles from the nail. This permits the nail to grow freely and enables you to shape a perfect nail contour.

I have been using this set twice a week for a month; except I didn't use it and push my cuticles back last week to allow them a couple weeks of growth to really test it out for you... they look horrible (mind you, I still moisturize them 2-3 times a day... but thanks to living in a super dry desert, you cant tell from this picture haha).

Here the are with my Maisie Shine Villain (reviewed here)... you can really see the horribleness that is my cuticles. eek!

Here's a few more angles of my naked nails. First, I filed and shaped my nails. Then, I did the cuticle oil soak...

After pushing back my cuticles, and letting the oil soak in, I used the buffing block (blue side, then grey and lastly white). And once you have the gorgeous shine, finish it off with a healthy dose of the Hand and Body Cream.

After all of that, this is what my nails look like!

Look at that shine!! This is with no product on, at all... I could swear it looks like I have clear nail polish on!! Just scroll up and take a look at the before; the difference is mind blowing.

I highly recommend this set. I really enjoy the cuticle oil. It has a nice gel consistency that makes it easy to work with... And my cuticles stay soft and moist for hours after use (which is saying something in the desert). The buffing block and nail file are very high quality (the block especially is much nicer than any I have dealt with before) and the lotion is creamy, yet light. I didn't feel like my hands were greased up. In fact, the after pictures were taken right after I lotioned... and there is no grease visible!

I have used this regularly twice a week; except for the blue side of the buffing block. If you use it too much, you can thin your nail out. I would recommend only using it once a month. But, the grey and white side promote nail growth, so using it once a week is really beneficial to your nail health. I have noticed a lot of nail growth, and much healthier and much stronger nails since I started using this kit. I am very excited about it, and will restock with more oil and lotion when it runs out!

You can purchase this set here, it costs $39.99 plus shipping.

**This product was sent to me for review. However, all opinions stated above are accurate representations of my feelings and experience with the product**

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