Monday, June 18, 2012

Maisie Shine Review

I am showcasing a new, and stunning indie maker for you today! Maisie Shine was kind enough to offer me a buy one, get one to review her polishes. I chose Magic Carpet Ride and Villian!

Maisie Shine Magic Carpet Ride:

First off, let me just point out how unique this polish is! I got a ton of compliments while I was wearing this! There is no way to miss this beauty on someone's hands.

Magic Carpet Ride is a fuchsia/magenta cream base packed full (and I mean full) of  square and hexagon turquoise glitters of different sizes. 

This polish has full coverage in two coats. I did find the formula a bit thick, but I have a feeling that is due to the high amount of glitter in this polish. I can tell I will be needing thinner in this one quicker than normal. Although, the polish is beautiful enough that I do not mind that extra hassle!

Next, Maisie Shine Villain:

Villain is a gorgeous dark grey/black base with plenty of small gold and medium purple square glitter.

I wore this for a day before I got the chance to take these photos, and you can see the tip wear... but other than that, I had no problems with chipping with either of these polishes.

This polish also has full coverage in two coats, and I found this formula much easier to work with.

Overall, I truely enjoyed these polishes... and loved seeing them on my nails. As soon as this polish diet goes away I will be loading up on more of her polishes (like Superhero to counter my Villain!).

I would highly recommend picking up some of her polishes. She had spectacular customer service and is a very talented lady!!

Follow Maisie Shine on Facebook here... You can buy her goodies on her Etsy shop here. Her creations costs $9.00 each.

I did get a discount in purchasing these items for review. However, all opinions are an accurate representation of my experience with the product.