Monday, June 25, 2012

Pixi Polish #23 Pedicure

Every 4-6 weeks I re-do my toes... I tend to do them every month in the summer just because lake trips take a toll on them. I will share my pedis with you, even if I am not exactly thrilled putting my toes out there for the world to see (especially my pathetic pinky toes haha). had a sale last month for Pop and Pixi polishes. Since I don't have any Pixi, I wanted to snag some so I could give it a shot. Of course, I grabbed shimmers (because, well, I love anything shiny) so I grabbed the black, purple and turquoise shimmers. I decided to put #23 (the turquoise) on my toes because it was bright and more summer-y.

Let me tell you, the shine did not disappoint! This polish is so shiny, I would actually probably classify it in the metallic category!! The formula was slightly watery, but no huge complaints. It only took two coats to get full coverage.

I only have one issue with this polish, As of today, I have been wearing this pedi for two weeks (this pic was taken on the day I did it) and my big toe is showing a lot of tip-wear. I don't usually have a problem with my toes showing tip-wear. I typically change a pedi because it has grown out or the sand at the lake has dulled the shine. I have not been to the lake since putting this polish on, so I see no reason for it to have this much wear. I will have to put the Purple or Black on my nails, and test it out!

Since I can't not add some sort of art to my big toe, I went with a simple stripe design. I used my Stripe Rite Silver and White and just randomly painted stripes from the corner. I finished it off with a small black rhinestone.

Overall, I am loving this pedi!! The color is amazing and I have even gotten a few compliments!

Do you do your own pedis??

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  1. Oh that color is stunning! I'm in awe of your simple but graceful design, too! I usually do my own pedi but right now they're naked and it's driving me insane, LOL! Jacked up knee and a house full of boys:( Hoping my niece can help me out tomorrow! Thanks for another awesome post!